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Crippen strives to be upfront in our pricing. Our pricing is GMS (GM employee and family member pricing program) minus only rebates that do not require any other conditions outside of residency restrictions to be met or are part of the GMS purchase program. Additional offers are listed at the bottom of the pricing that require certain conditions to be met that you may not meet, these values are not removed from the total (Crippen Price) and are for reference. We encourage our valued customers who do not qualify for GM employee discount programs to reach out to us for our competetive retail pricing. All pricing is subject to Tax, Title, License, and dealer fees Listed rebates may not be compatible with all other rebates and offers From time to time a human or technical error may occur in our pricing or listed content. In the event of this Crippen will make every reasonable effort to correct these issues in a timely manner once the issue is recognized. Mistaken postings of price or content will be considered void and will be honored only at the sole discrection of Crippen Inc.